Mystery Train into the Unknown
September 19–22, 2024

A journey where everything, including our destinations, is a thrilling mystery. You'll encounter stunning landscapes across Czechia, forge lasting bonds with fellow adventurers, and collect memories that resonate far beyond the ordinary. With us, the unexpected becomes the norm.

This is your invitation to join a community of explorers, each with an endless hunger for discovery and a bold spirit of adventure. For those who dare to join us, this isn't just a trip – it's the beginning of a lifelong passion for exploration aboard our trains.

Traveling with us is perfect for those with an adventurous spirit, eager to discover hidden gems and off-the-beaten-path locations. Ideal for anyone who enjoys spontaneity, can handle a bit of improvisation, and values connections with both familiar and unfamiliar faces.

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Why come with us?

vlak do neznama vlakfest

Train will be your home

We travel aboard our exclusive train which features both sleeper and couchette compartments. Additionally, our open-space wagon offers a vibrant social hub where you can meet with fellow adventurers, enjoy a craft beer at our bar, or join in on guitar sing-alongs.

vlak do neznama vlakfest

Unexpected experiences

We’re keeping the program a delightful surprise, but prepare for four days brimming with fun and unique experiences! Participation in each activity is completely up to you, so you can engage at your own comfort level.

vlak do neznama vlakfest

Great friends awaits you

Explorers with an adventurous spirit are welcome on our extraordinary board. The exciting company of your fellow  travelers will make the experience even more memorable.

Our route and timetable

We will be on our way during September 19–22, 2024. We start in Prague... and you will find out about our plans and the program a day in advance.

Practical information


Take your ID card, czech crounds, comfortable shoes, musical instrument and good mood. We will email you a more comprehensive list before your trip.


There is a bar with beer, wine, coffee, tea and water on the train. (We do not carry and do not allow liquor.) It is gonna be our pleasure to provide you a breakfast (czech sausage + bread), but there is plenty of time to have a lunch and dinner in restaurants. There are no showers on the train, but we will give you tips for a swimming pool or aqua park.


The event is suitable for children and pets of any age, as long as they can handle 4 days on the train in the company of a large number of people and possibly other dogs. The program can be adjusted each day for your family to enjoy it. We leave it to the discretion of the parents whether to take the children with them.

Price of the ticket

279 EUR
1 bed in couchette compartment

499 EUR
1 bed in sleeper compartment

1 319 EUR
Whole couchette compartment

1 319 EUR
Whole sleeper compartment

What is included in the price
a train journey through Czech meadows
all voluntary programs on and off the train
tips and a map for trips on your own

What is NOT included in the price
travel insurance
local public transport
food and drinks

Take the train into the Unknown!
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